People ask for new songs and old favourites all the time, and we’d really love to sing them, the only problem is getting the music in a format that is suitable for us to use!

Unlike gay (friendly) men who love singing, songs for four male voices (called TTBB arrangements) are hard to come by. So, we have to ask a skilled musician to do it for us – to take the original song and arrange it, writing harmonies and descants to fit with the main tune. Thereby, your favourite song is turned into a powerful piece of choral music.

Sponsor a song for just £250

This will pay for us to commission a four-part male voice (TTBB) arrangement of your favourite song, obtain the necessary permissions from the song’s copyright holder to allow the Chorus to perform it, and print the scores for our members to learn from during rehearsals. The Chorus will then rehearse your arrangement for inclusion in the next season’s performances, to which you will be invited as an honoured guest. With your consent, your name will be proudly displayed in the musical programme, alongside the title of the song, as well as in our Chorus e-newsletter and on this website. Of course, if you’d rather remain anonymous, and just enjoy the music you have made possible, that’s fine too.


Use the form to give us the name of the song that you would like to sponsor and as much information about the song as you can (it is helpful to know at least the artist or band that did your favourite version). We will then pass the request along to our Music Team to decide if it is the sort of song that fits in with our repertoire. Please note that arranging the song and getting permissions can take a while, but we will always endeavour to have the song ready for our next season. We won’t ask for payment until the song is approved.

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