As the Brighton Gay Men’s Chorus embarks on the journey of celebrating the 10th anniversary of Equal Marriage in the UK with their Pride show, they reflect on the pivotal moments that marked the first steps towards equality for same-sex couples.

On 21 December 2005, the Civil Partnership Act 2004 marked a turning point for equality, love, and ultimately, a decade later, full recognition for same-sex couples in the UK. Brighton Gay Men’s Chorus was privileged to serenade the first three couples entering civil partnerships on the steps of Brighton & Hove’s city hall—an unforgettable moment of joy and celebration. 🌟🎉

The three couples to take their vows were the Reverend Debbie Gaston and her partner of 16 years Elaine Gaston; Gino Meriano and Mike Ullett, who have been together for seven years; and Roger Lewis and his partner of 14 years, Keith Willmott-Goodall.

Elaine Gaston shared before the ceremony, “It declares to the world my intentions, my identity, and my heart’s choice.” Debbie Gaston added, “For 16 years, we lacked the opportunities afforded to our friends and family.

The first ceremonies under the act took place in Northern Ireland on 19 December, followed by Scotland the next day.

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